Frequently Asked Questions

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What software do I have to install to run MOT Manager?

You do not need to install any additional software as our system runs straight from your internet browser. MOT Manager can be used across all smartphone, tablet and computer operating systems.

Is my data secure and safe?

All your data is stored on a server which in simple terms is like having a hard drive with an internet connection external to your premises. No data is saved on your computer at the garage, so if you accidentally spill a coffee on the laptop all your data will be backed up. Regular backups are taken every 5 seconds.

Can I access MOT Manager at home?

Of course! MOT Manager is completely cloud based and only requires an internet browser to bring up your garage’s system at home.

Can my customers book in via their smartphones?

Every customer in your system will receive a MOT text message reminder. Within this text will be a link to book. This will reflect the available date/time slots in your digital diary. New customers? Not an issue, we provide a widget which can be placed on your website to allow new MOT bookings.

Does it include VRM lookups?

MOT Manager has a license to pull information from the DVLA/DVSA database so it is all accessible at your fingertips. All system packages include unlimited VRM lookups.

Is MOT Manager truly unlimited?

100% you can input as many customers and vehicles into your system. MOT text message reminders are also unlimited, meaning every customer whether they’ve had an MOT or not will still receive a reminder.

Who sends my MOT text message reminders?

MOT Manager is fully automated and only requires three pieces from yourself; vehicle registration, customers name and mobile number. Our system will check the DVLA/DVSA database and schedule your text message reminder to be sent up to 4 weeks prior (this notice period can be changed to suit the garage).

How many users and computers can I login to?

You can happily log your garage into several computers at the premises as it is unlimited. So if you need the system available at your reception desk as well as the MOT testing bay there will be no complications.

Is MOT Manager strictly for MOT testing centres?

We are not limited to MOT testing only. Our garage management system tackles the daily automotive needs from service stations to mainstream car dealerships.

How is support and training conducted?

Technical support is available 7 days a week between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM via 03333 444 626 or LiveChat. Your initial training is conducted over the telephone.